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We are always looking for qualified translators and interpreters

A collaborative and long-term relationship with our freelancers is very important to us!

In order to meet the demands of a professional service, we pay particular attention to:

  • job-related education and evidence of work experience
  • striving for quality
  • attention to detail and persistence in research
  • logical and structured thinking
  • knowledge of the cultural context of the source and target language
  • constant further training
  • up-to-date technical equipment
  • mastery of current IT standards
  • experience of working with CAT tools
  • adherence to professional ethical standards

If you meet these requirements, please complete our application form opposite as fully as possible and attach your current C.V.

If we believe that you would fit well into the translingua team, we will contact you and ask you to complete a short test translation.


Get to know the profession first hand

For over 20 years we have been offering language students who wish to complete an internship abroad as part of their studies the opportunity to gain a comprehensive insight into the practical activities of translation and interpreting. Many of these former interns are still in contact with us, as freelance translators and interpreters no less.

We guarantee professional supervision and support throughout the training, in order to ensure that the language experts of the future master the necessary skills for the profession, namely:

  • translation skills
  • written skills
  • spoken skills
  • cultural skills
  • research skills
  • technical skills

If you are interested in an internship, ideally for a period of several months, please send your application together with an informative C.V. by e-mail to

You do not need to fill out the form opposite for an internship application.



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