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Why translingua?
Quality assurance

Quality assurance In all phases of the project: from quote to customer follow-up

Quality assurance is an integral element of our work and encompasses specialist and stylistic text revision in accordance with the requirements of the international standard for language service providers ISO 17100 .

But quality assurance also means data security, seamless project management procedures, customer and general database maintenance, further training in new media and graphics applications, monitoring language development etc.

We select only the most highly-qualified native speakers for each translation project and always engage two different people in the work process, a translator and a proofreader, according to the four-eye principle.

With the help of our own TAT tools (translingua assessment of translations®) based on SAE J 2450, the quality of each translation is rigorously checked.

LICS certificate – ISO 17100

LICS certificate – ISO 17100 translingua is certified by the Language Industry Certification System LICS according to ISO 17100

LICS is the certification body of the Austrian Standards institute, and ISO 17100 is the global standard for translations.

The standard sets out the resources and processes required for high quality translation services.

As a certified language service provider, translingua is responsible for ensuring that all translation services conform to the regulations of ISO 17100.

The effectiveness of processes and resources in accordance with the applicable specifications is regularly verified through the certification procedure.

The founder of translingua, Dr. Brigitte Meßner, played a substantial role in the development of this standard and is an expert for Austrian Standards.

Corporate wording

The right wording is key because we associate certain words with certain manufacturers, products, flavours, colours and so on.

In this way, every company speaks its own language in keeping with its corporate identity. A consistent corporate language avoids internal misunderstandings and presents a distinctive brand when viewed from the outside.

translingua will create a so-called style guide for you, that is a kind of dictionary containing the terms and spellings (upper/lower case, hyphens, etc.) which are to be used consistently within the company in each relevant language.

Text optimisation

In order to ensure that all content is optimally formulated for translation, we check that customer-specific editing guidelines have been applied throughout, so that they can be consistently implemented in every text document. 

Text optimisation before translation results in a significant cost reduction through the efficient use of CAT tools, particularly for large documents.

As such, translation processes are accelerated and rationalised, rendering the project more cost-efficient and faster!


Companies on the international market must communicate in the mother tongue of their global customers, business partners and staff. This demands a clear, precise and culturally relevant adaptation of content, products and applications to the predominant linguistic and cultural circumstances in the area of usage.

In particular, software must be adapted to the geographical conditions of the given place of application. Through localisation, for instance, many more online users will shop on websites that have been translated and adapted with nationality and target group in mind.


This has to do with translations that preserve the message, style and tonality of the original text. Transcreation of texts and slogans aims to evoke the same feelings and associations in the foreign language as in the original.

Transcreation is the conceptual adaptation of content to convey the emotions and creative intentions of the original language.

The tagline "I'm loving it" is rendered in German as "Ich liebe es" – a literal translation. In French it is "C'est tout que j'aime" – here the literal meaning is different. However, all three versions are the same in terms of rhythm and syllable length, corresponding to the company's signature tune.

Desktop publishing (DTP)

Desktop publishing (DTP) Designing in other languages requires experience

Whether for marketing brochures, PowerPoint presentations or operating instructions, we see to it that text, image and corporate design elements, such as logo and company colours, are combined into a coherent statement. 

This is particularly important when editing content with non-Latin characters (e.g. Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Russian and so on).

Our DTP staff are specialists in language-specific typesetting and will format all content to match the original document so that your multilingual publications always look equally well-structured. In doing so, we ensure that foreign-language text is adapted to the layout both in terms of content and graphics, thereby communicating the original message in the optimal manner.

The services we offer extend right through to print-ready publications, including proofreading.

CAT tools

CAT tools Increased working efficiency

CAT tools provide essential support for technical editing, e.g. when creating operating instructions, product descriptions, or for localisation of software and websites. We work with translation memory systems which, aside from the cost benefits, guarantee consistent translations.

Our IT experts make all original documents compatible with the current translation technologies.

5 advantages of using CAT tools:

  • Cost saving for repeated text
  • Faster delivery times due to greater translation efficiency
  • Stylistic consistency > corporate wording
  • Quality assurance for terminology and spellchecking
  • Workflow in accordance with ISO 17100: translate, proofread, review

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